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National Motorcycle Expo

Trev was at the National Motorcyle Expo over the Easter weekend. I'm sure he'll put some words up here to detail how much fun he had, but in the meantime he was well impressed by the work of the crew from ECM (East Coast Motorcycles), who are based in Warkworth. Here's some pics of their [...]

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NZ TODAY magazine- cover model!

Well, strike me down, it seems that the cover model for the latest edition of NZ TODAY is none other than our good mate Trevor Lamb. And even more astonishing, retailers have neither refused to stock it, or organised a book-burning! In fact, the opposite seems to have happened- it sold out in Carterton and [...]

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A steampunk helmet in Paris

Trev's good mate Joel Liochon moved to France last year. Joel's an amazing illustrator and jewellery designer, as well as being a huge steampunk fan. So it's little wonder that he loves Trev's astonishing steampunk helmets, and spends time wandering around Paris in one. Happily, he's sent some photos over, so you can see the [...]

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Trevor in Carterton Street Scene

If you grab the latest Carterton Street Scene, you’ll see the cover features one strikingly handsome individual: Well, it’s got Trev on it anyway. (Only kidding, mate!) Read more to catch up with the full text of the article inside… Cheers, Minty Webmaster […]

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NZONE Skydive helmets

That Trevor Lamb man has been busy! Hot off the press are these brilliant photos of the helmets he did for the fantastic folks at NZONE Skydive. Trev’s talked about taking his work to new heights, but this is ridiculous. I’m sure Trev will blog more about the making of the helmets and the fact [...]

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Lily’s gorgeous bag

Trev's just passed on some pictures of an amazing bag he did for Lily, and there are more on the way, so now we've got a new menu above for BAGS! Here's one of the shots: I'm sure you'd agree with me that it just looks astonishing, and I'm buzzing to see what he comes [...]

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Leather Rose Headband

Minty the website man here, jumping in with a quick post. It's a fabulous sunny day in Carterton and I was helping Bek with the new mural she's working on, when the gorgeous Cheryl Jaggard walked by. As I chatted to her I noticed she was wearing a beautiful headband. Turns out it's yet another [...]

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NZ Tattoo and Art Festival

Trev's asked me to put up a couple of pics of what looks like an awesome event- the NZ Tattoo and Art Festival. He'll be there- make sure you are too! Check out their site at and you'll be all sorted for the 27th and 28th of November.

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