Feb was the time for “The Unwanted SMC” to have the first of what is to be their Annual Summer Rally.  The Venue is ideal large grass area surrounded by real large trees.  Out of town and not annoying anyone. It really did seem as though they got the third degree by the authorities, who went over all their consent and license applications with a fine tooth comb.  However it was just so well organised, everything went ahead as planned.

The music was great, as was the food….even if I ate too much of it!!  The plan is to have this event as an annual thing.  From what I saw all that is really needed is more promotion, to get more people there.  Then it will really go off, with a hoot.

Both my wife and i liked the event so much, that we have both put our hands up to help with next years Rally.  So keep watching this space, and i will post updates as they come to hand…….Now here are a few images of the venue before it kicked off and some of the bike that were there…..and they didn’t even mind me taking my bike.