Most of my work is uniquely customised, so final pricing will depend on your requirements.

Here are some guidelines (all prices in NZD):

Motoring helmet

Motoring Helmets
from $250

Aviation Helmet

Aviation Helmets
from $190

Bowler hat

Bowler Hats
– $250

Leather And Art - Trevor Lamb, fantasy helmet

Fantasy & Steampunk Helmets
– P.O.A.

Leather And Art - Trevor Lamb - Toby's bag

from $325

Leather And Art - Trevor Lamb - Walking Stick

Canes & Walking Sticks
from $150

Leather And Art - Trevor Lamb - Wallet

from $150

Belts and Bracelets

from $105

Hades Arm Rests 001

Tattoo Armrests
from $350

Leather And Art - Trevor Lamb - Axe Cover

Holsters & Sheathes
– P.O.A.

Leather rose

Leather Rose & Flowers
– from $80

Detail leatherwork

Custom Work
– By Commission

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Trev also creates leather art, axe handles, straps, and other curiosities, so if you need anything done in leather, get in touch!
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