Jun 122012

I’ve just completed a Commission for Stu McLennan.  I did the leatherwork on this set of Bullock Horns.  The horns come from the lead Bullock in a team of six that were owned and worked by Stu’s Great Great Grandfather.  Their job was to pull a wagon, loaded with wool bales, in the Canterbury region……guess that was well before tractors came about.


















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Mar 142012

Feb was the time for “The Unwanted SMC” to have the first of what is to be their Annual Summer Rally.  The Venue is ideal large grass area surrounded by real large trees.  Out of town and not annoying anyone. It really did seem as though they got the third degree by the authorities, who went over all their consent and license applications with a fine tooth comb.  However it was just so well organised, everything went ahead as planned.

The music was great, as was the food….even if I ate too much of it!!  The plan is to have this event as an annual thing.  From what I saw all that is really needed is more promotion, to get more people there.  Then it will really go off, with a hoot.

Both my wife and i liked the event so much, that we have both put our hands up to help with next years Rally.  So keep watching this space, and i will post updates as they come to hand…….Now here are a few images of the venue before it kicked off and some of the bike that were there…..and they didn’t even mind me taking my bike.































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Mar 142012

Once again in Feb it was the American Car Day. As it usually is it was held at the Trentham Race Course. That is a great venue, almost seems purpose built for this show.  But the sad thing is I have heard it might be the last time at this venue.  Personally I’d love to see it stay there if it is at all possible….but it’s not up to me.

This show has great Cars, motorbikes, music……..and Coffee!  It really is a hoot, and I just love going to this show.  I usually get to catch up with all manner of people, which is a Hoot!

These pics are just a few of the cars that were at the show……





















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Dec 282011

Here are two images of the latest bout of  “Ink” from Noel….at “Ink Tattoo” in Palmerston North. Now not only is he a great Tattooist…….He’s also a great Guy.  When I head there for some work, I just know I’m in for a real entertaining time. Which, really is a huge part of going to see him…..Hey Thanx Noel…you know I’ll be back!!











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Dec 282011

Howdy….just an update of some events that I’ll be at during the next year. First up is the “All American Car” day.  This is held at the Trentham racecourse on Feb 5th (Sunday).  It is a really great day.  There are some great vehicles both of the two wheel and four wheel kind, that roll in for this.  The Trade stands are great as well…….Guess I have to say that, as I’m one!!  But in  all seriousness it is a great day.

Then there is the “Wairarapa Summer Rally” This is a Bike rally that is being held at Clarkes Domain, Mauriceville, Masterton…Wairarapa. 17th to 19th Feb.

Live bands/Games/Displays/Competetions/Bar avaliable/Camping on site/

Limited car parking.

No Patches/Glass/Dogs/Attitudes/Eftpos.

Check out http;//facebook.com/Wairarapa.Summer.Rally

I’m booked in for the Tattoo show at New Plymouth, which is held in November. More on  this as we get on into the year.

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Nov 272011

I have just recieved the info and will be booking in for this show….It surely is a great event and great fun.  It takes place on Sat Nov 24 and Sun 25 Nov 2012.

Watch this space!!

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Nov 272011

I make a new school bag for each of the Grand Children, for them to start school with.  Ethins is Lime Green….the colour he chose.  Lily’s is the white one, with the gold and silver stars….she chose that colour way herself as well.   This one is for Toby, he  wanted Orange….but I went on a bit of an angle with it.  I made it out of Orange/Tan Croc print and mad dog brown.. I think it worked okay though.

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Nov 192011

Howdy….Well I have relented a weee bit and am working on developing a Business/web connected face book.  For me not being coming from the techno era, it’ll take a bit of fine tuning. Bear with me a bit and I’ll get it sorted.  I’m sure it’ll be helpful and fun, when it is sorted and running properly.  The interaction will also be great, and I’m hoping will be interesting….. so as they use to say “stay tuned to this station”

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Oct 202011

Oooooops!!  Well here and now I have to say I made a mistake……the build in the following Posts….Is actually a Road King and not a Fat Boy as I stated.  I hope calling it a Fat Boy didn’t upset anyone, sorry about that!!

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